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May 29th, 2008

One of the loves of my life is music. I love to have it wherever I am. Along came the mp3 player and it made it so much easier. Smaller, easier to use, and you didn’t have to carry around a bulky pack of cds. The only problem is taking my whole collection with me. Sure most of the time a 4GB ipod nano will be fine, but what if you want access to your whole collection? An 80GB ipod might sound like the solution, but no, that won’t hold my whole collection. Now will I ever really need more than 80GB of music at any one time? Probably not. But I can remember the days when a computer would never need more than 16mb of ram.

So what I’ve done is set up Jinzora on this pc to stream my music to me. I can access it from any computer with an internet connection, and it’s my whole collection. Works like a bloody charm. I was originally worried about the quality but it’s top notch. I finally got a chance to check it out off of my own network and on a different connection. Very happy.

Next project, converting the desktop from Windows to Linux. Hopefully I can tackle that in the next few weeks or so.