The List

Sure it might be childish. So is life.
The Lists
Half the idea for this I made up myself. The other half I’ve stolen from The Colbert Report. Sue me.
The <3 List
This is something I started in my instant messaging profile. But I feel like it is more accurate to put it here. I started the <3 list, because I notice alot of childish things put into instant messaging profiles. So this was done to mock you. Oh yeah, feel my mock bitches!
Joining my <3 list is very easy. Just kiss my ass. If you kiss it enough you will get on the list. You might wonder why objects such as tacos could get one the <3 list. It is easy. Tacos for example, have kissed my ass. And yes, this is like a point system. The more childish the better. If you continue to kiss my ass you will get more <3 from me.
I <3 Squirrel
I <3 Boogie
I <3 Tipple
I <3 tacos
I <3 fajitas
I <3 Friday
I <3 Sandy
I <3 Teabag aka Doubel Rom A
I <3 Hopz0rs
The p0wn List
Think you are all smart and shit? Like you are a winner and can do no wrong? You aren’t and you smell bad. Therefor it is my job to pwn you. If you are on this list you have been p0wned by gooseneck.
I p0wned FFR
I p0wned SFK
I p0wned left handed people
I p0wned the Superbowl Halftime Show
I p0wned Sony
I p0wned Ogre
I p0wned PWB(With some help from Squirrel)
I p0wned Frank Sex
I p0wned Woodbrook Nathan
I p0wned Office Max
I p0wned Global Warming
The h@xz0red List
So you felt like you are special enough to ignore the warning that is the p0wn list? You feel like you can continue to be a douche and act like Wanky McWank without reprocussions? Guess again, you have now been h@xz0red by gooseneck.
I h@xz0red Otla
I h@xz0red Blue Jeep Boy
I h@xz0red Massive Cyber
I h@xz0red Jodie Foster

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