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Instant Messaging
I’m not gonna just post my address or cell phone number. What are you crazy? I will however tell you how to contact me through instant messaging. I make it pretty easy I think. Here is the deal though. You will usually find me in away mode. Feel free to send me an IM, if I am there I will respond. If I don’t respond, then guess what? I am away! But never you fear, since you left a message I will see it when I get back to my computer since it does log all messages you send me.
AIM: gooseneckd or funkyhousedotnet
ICQ: 37236637
YIM: gooseneckd
MSN: buhlmand at the hotmail place
Google Talk: gooseneck
Skype: gooseneckd
Or if you are fucking insane and feel like I am ignoring your instant messages you can always send me an email right here. You can bet that I’m not posting my address here. Those damn spambots can kiss my ass. But if you fill out this simple form I will get your email. And I will email you back. At that point you will have my email address for all eternity if you really need it that long. Or you can come back here and send another one from here. I promise you, the spambots won’t take your address either. I’m a sub-genius like that.

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