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January 15th, 2007 by gooseneck Leave a reply »

Squirrel sent me a couple of vids last night. Prolly cause I haven’t been posting much. So here we go.

Goes to show you our armed forces *might* have too much free time on there hand. This is what you’ll think. Or instead you might think they’re stupid, statistics show blah blah blah. Its simply the fact that they are bored in a desert foreign country. Think about this. You’re at home, and we take away your beer, your tv, your computer, leave you with a few books, and maybe a pack of cigarettes. What are you going to do? Anything at all that can eat up ten minutes of your day.

Here is a twelve year old kid playing a killer drum solo. Squirrel raises the point of it being legit or not. You can be surprised by what this “cgi” technology can do. Its hard to tell per say, the sound doesn’t seem to be synced perfectly, and the picture quality is bad. My penis has better picture quality. Speaking of that, its off the topic of today, but that might just get us a rant in a day or two. Anyways, it more than likely is real. We’ve all seen the 8 year old piano prodigies. Why not a drum prodigy? I played with this guy in high school and he was suppose to be that good when he was twelve. I can assure you he could play a solo like that with one hand, while drinking a mountain dew in high school. Watched him do it. Anyways, enjoy the vids, and don’t forget to pat your local goose on the head. Fuck off you nancies!


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