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Starve a Vampire. Donate Blood.

October 14th, 2014









I don’t know what The Vampire Diaries are. Judging by the photo it looks like a cheap knock off of True Blood, probably sprinkled with some sparkly vampire ala Twilight. So nothing worth watching. Anyways it’s a catchy catch phrase and includes a young attractive woman in a seductive but obviously uncomfortable position. So I’m for it. Bad goose! Bad!

The Red Cross sent me an email and told me they sent my blood to Licking Memorial Hospital. That makes me feel warm and fuzzy since that is where I was taken for my concussion a few years ago. Even though I did not require blood that day it makes me feel like I’m paying it forward. Which is a warm and fuzzy feeling. This is a cheap and shameless plug for donating. Go do it and feel good! They even have a cool app for your iPhone! How can you say no to iPhone app!



As you can see it’s pretty slick so go download it for free! I’ll be going back sometime soon, once the trauma of needles has worn off. That one pint up there is so lonely it must get some friends to hang out with.

Out of the Black Odyssey One

October 11th, 2014

This is the fourth book in the series and seems like it is the last. This is sad and quizzical at the same time.




















Out of the Black Odyssey One by Evan Currie continues the adventures of the Odyssey crew and their galactic war against a relentless army bred for destruction and their enigmatic controllers…..who we don’t hear from. This would be OK since this book covers a pivotal battle for the survival of a planet. The book is non stop action and does well to set this hectic pace and make you experience the fatigue the soldiers do. We’ll learn more about the enemy behind the enemy, the history of the allies and tie everything together nicely in the next book. Except I don’t believe there is going to be a next book. This one seemed dues ex machina to completion. Which is really sad because Currie did an excellent job of bringing these characters to life. He did an excellent job writing in a specific sci-fi genre of space battles.

If you check the Amazon reviews you see a lot of negative reviews. “Half the fighting is on the ground!” I get it you were pulled in by the space battles, I was too. But how did you miss the over arching story? Or do you just not care? It’s fantastic! It just ends too soon. What about the planetary AIs? What about the enemy controlling the Drasin? Where the heck did the allies come from? Write these things down and put them in a fifth book please!