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The Hulk has me in a Sleeper Hold

March 5th, 2010

I’ve been angry lately.  Real angry.  It has been difficult to deal with and I don’t really have an outlet to get this anger out.  Now normally I’d just point this anger towards some random topic and come up with a great and amazingly funny post to put here.  I’m just not good enough with my words to do that this time.  Punching babies is out either.  The cops keep telling me society frowns on it.  What the hell do they know?  With their badges and fancy disco music.  Pfffttt.

Jesus, what a great start to an emo, passive aggressive post.  That isn’t my point or intention.  Normally it’d be gone after a day or two, I’d drink a beer and feel better.  Not so much here this time.  This anger has been hanging around, checking each night.  With a Russian accent.  So I’ve had to just be patient with it and wait for it to pass.  Still not gone, but I’m feeling better about it.  Starting to find a little positive and I’m a little more balanced.  Whoop di do!

One positive being winter is almost over here.  We keep getting closer.  I can not wait to get outside on Eostre.  Really looking forward to it.  Training has been progressing slowly, which is the nature of the beast, but progressing.  I’m actually feeling like I belong up on a bike instead of a fat guy about to bring you a funny YouTube video of the fat kid crashing.  It would be funny.  I’d wear a clown suit and add comedy sound bites.  Perhaps a cream pie to the face.   Mmmmm…….pie.

I’m closing in on the end here.  Home stretch is in sight.  Just gotta push through.  It’ll probably be difficult but I’m sure I can do it.  Then it’ll be time to sit back, enjoy a beer:30 and cheer the fact that I pushed through the anger and came out better on the other side.  See where positive thinking can get you?  I don’t.  Ha!  Yeah……till next time kids.  Take care and funk on.