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Isn’t it Ironic

July 29th, 2008

So I called my old cell phone provider to cancel my service.  Like you do when you get an iPhone.  He keeps trying to retain me.  Like you do when retention is your job.  Other than the iPhone one of the reasons I gave was due to the fact that since I’ve moved to Columbus I’ve had alot of random calls drops, voicemails with no calls, and so forth.  General connectivity oddities(Say that three times fast.)  He went on and on about how they’re always working on improving the coverage and how I hadn’t called before about it.  I said it wasn’t a huge deal, but can get frustrating when calls just randomly drop.  He said he understood, and by this point I had played the game and let him attempt to retain.  So he said he set my account to cancel at the end of the billing cycle, which is in a couple of weeks, and was reading through the disclaimers and things he is required to say when guess what happened.

The call dropped.  Heyo!  It’s like I’m some sort of smarty pants sub-genuis type.  Now to call them back and make sure it canceled.  Oh, no.  He canceled it right then, that’s why it dropped.  Good customer service?

iPhone Makes my Pants Happy

July 23rd, 2008

So I got my iPhone last night. Fucking awesome! I am in love with thing. Blogging from my phone is pretty sweet. Oh yeah!

Global Warming Just Made the List

July 9th, 2008

Watch the video at the bottom from the BBC.  It’s good.

Oops.  Did I just pwn my sticky goo of justice all over global warming?  Better put it to good use hippies, I hear my sticky goo of justice is full of protein.  Maybe it’ll put some hair on the chest too.

Honestly, what have we done about global warming so far?  Other than just alot of rable rable?

Oh, we spent a ton of money turning corn into an ineffecient fuel that no one uses.  Now people outside of Somalia are starving.  Even I’m loosing weight.

We’ve ensured the growing populations of polar bears will continue to grow till they overthrow us(All hail our new polar bear overlords!)  Didn’t Colbert teach you hippies anything?  Oh thats right, you watch Stewart.

We made some more solar, electic, and hybrid cars, none of which anyone can afford, and none of which a large number of people buy.  I’m guessing that’s cause gas is so expensive.  Hey-Oh!

Here’s what we should do.  Just declare war on global warming.  With the war on drugs and terror, we’ll have a trifecta of wars.  Like a trilogy.  Everything is better in trilogies.  The three wars of fuck!  We could get t-shirts and coffee mugs, all we need for enough people to buy the stuff and then I can retire to the lovely new beachfronts of Greenland.  Maybe take a trip on a sub to visit Miami.  Hooray!

Haha.  Sticky goo of justice.  Sometimes I kill myself.  And kittens.