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A Bumpy Road

April 28th, 2008

So I mentioned a few posts ago my host was slow.  Real slow.  Hulk smash slow.  Well fuck those slow pea-poo heads.  I’ve moved the house over to a new super awesome pwnz0ring host.  It is fast.  It is very Hooray!  Many a thanks goes to for keepin an eye on the ole house of funky.  I’ll get a proper link up for em soon.

So apparently there’s a lot more rust on my webtertubes skills than I had thought.  I botched it up pretty bad from the looks.  I’ll get it all fixed back up and a goin as soon as I can.

I suppose in some ways(Careful I’m getting deep here, continue at your own risk) we all travel a bumpy road at one point or another.  Some bumpier than others.  We really don’t enjoy traveling on the bumpy roads, obviously we would prefer the smooth one.  In my experience though, the smooth roads are boring and end up taking you nowhere fast.  The bumpy road may be bad for your tailbone(Consult your doctor) but they’re gonna take you to a better place if you stay on it.  So the moral of my philisophicating is to give me a beer, and get your ass on the bumpy road with me.  Otherwise you won’t get anywhere and I’ll be sober.  And that just seems wrong.

Take care and funk on.


Smiley Face All Over Me

April 25th, 2008

It was samon with an erd on the end.


Knights of Cydonia

April 18th, 2008

Yeah, this is an awesome music video to go along with an awesome song so enjoy it. And I’m sorry my website is so fucking slow. I am so angry at my site being slow I will kill a moose. With my bare hands. And a gun.

But mostly the bare hands.

Danger is my middle name

April 6th, 2008

Felt like crap yesterday.  Felt a little better this morning.  Feeling good now.  So what did I do with my weekend off, other than being sick?

I reinstalled the OS on my desktop and low leveled a couple of hard drives in my other boxes.  Sounds like fun no?  You’re right.  It was fun.  It is time to call Viagra, my penis has been hard for four hours now.  I think thats probably everything you wanted to know for now.