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An Update on Goose

March 10th, 2008

“What have you been up to goose?”  You may ask.  You ask because I’m an important person.  I am the center of your very tiny unimportant world.

Well I’ll tell you cause I’m also nice.  I got a job in Columbus.  A very awesome kick ass job.  They’re taking awesome care of me and I would have their babies if I had an extra ovary.  I don’t.  I got me an apartment in stumbling distance from a bar, and I’m just a few minutes away from my squirrel esq.  attorney at law.  Hooray!

So I’ve mostly been packing, moving, working, unpacking and the like.  We got a lot of snow this weekend, so I showed Columbus how to make frozen lemonade.  They enjoyed it.  Hard.  Real hard.

Anyways, peeps have all been up in my face sayin I should update this so people know what I’m up to so there you are.  I’m glad you’ll all get a good night sleep tonight.  I won’t.  I need a new bed.  Yes I can afford that now.  Awesome huh?