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Happy Hapmas Day!

December 24th, 2007

You Can Not Pass

December 21st, 2007

You Can Not Pass

An Update on Goose – November

December 11th, 2007

The last one till I’m caught up.  Hooray!  Now for writing about the novemberist month of the year.  It’s a fun one.

We’ll start off with the good news of the month.  I got laid off.  Oh wait.  Thats not the good news.  Shit!  Thats the only interesting thing that happened.  Fuck me!  I especially enjoyed the part where they said “Yeah…..we want you out of here as soon as possible…….so that’s a good thing.”

Anyways, if you followed the link, be sure to read the posts left there.  It would seem to sum up pretty well the rest of the employees, current and past, about the company.  As for me, the company saved my ass three years ago when I was flat broke giving handjobs for sammich.  I’ve gained a ton of knowledge, good experience, and a slew of new friends and contacts in the “biz.”  It was a business decision that we all knew was coming.  Everyone can agree on that.  And we all know why they had to make that good decision.  But what is done is done.  It allows me to move on something I have wanted to do for a long time.

Leave East Lansing.  The only thing left for me is the Brotherhood.  And as great of a thing as that is, my chapter is gone, and a new chapter has taken its place.  My bond with these guys is weak.  Weaker than it should be, and thats my fault, but it is the natural progression.  I need to move and start a new chapter in my life.  So to Columbus OH I go.


1.  OMFGZORS!!!!!11  Goose has left EL and didn’t tell me.  Why are you so cruel you soulless asshole?

A.  Lies.  I am still in EL.

2.  So when are you leaving?

A.  I don’t have an exact date as of yet.  If you clicked the link upstairs you’ll realize I still have to finish out the end of days with the job.

3.  You’re leaving next week!  Do you need help packing?

A.  Yes.  However I’m not leaving next week.  I still don’t have an exact date as of yet.  Fuck!  It’s like living with a six year old!  As soon as I find a job down there, then I will move.  Moving to a new city seems silly without having a job.  I mean I know Squirrel and Lindy will put me up in their basement for I’d say three weeks before they kicked me out.  But it isn’t furnished, and thats just a rude thing to do.  If you remember I got rid of the truck, so living in it down by the river isn’t an option.  My Elantra is roomie, but not that roomie.  I’m a fat kid.

That’s about it.  Did that Thanksgiving thing(Happy to you!) with the family.  Got really full.  Drove home and got stupid drunk to make the hurt go away.  So I’m done for now.  Hopefully you find the positive in this post and don’t go all pity on me.   I’m gonna go now, I gotta spank it to chicks doing yoga on youtube.

Speaking of!  If I remember this was the month of everyone’s discovery of 2girls1cup.  Awesome!  I was slightly aroused. Truth.  You were  repulsed, you repressed son of a bitch.

An Update on Goose – October

December 5th, 2007

Not much happened on the home front. Got all my pcs up and working. Was the glorious month of Febtober, and so of course I spent many all evenings enjoying one many tasty octoberfest brew. Other than that, I got to spend some time with my Squirrel. We hung out, played a little of the good ole CS with the Mr. Vish. We went to the OSU vs MSU game and had a blast. My little Squirrel grew up and became Squirrel Esquire the Third attorney at law. We got drunk. I think we might of killed a chick. But its cool, cause he’s a lawyer. He can object n shit and we’ll be all like free. Cause thats just how we roll. Yay Goose and Squirrel! Yay Lindsey! She brought us beer and kicked the shit out of a baby. It was awesome!

I haven’t been drinking. I’m not drunk. You don’t decide that. I’m the decider of my drunk. Dammit you made me spill my beer milk. Tasty awesomeness milky milk. I have to pee……