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An Update on Goose – September

November 29th, 2007

Uneventful month.  Not a lot happened, other than being better than you.  Bought a new processor for my pc, 2600+ Barton.  Made it scream!  For three days.  My mobo died.  No worries, I have the exact same uber mobo in my second box, I’ll use that.  A week later it died.  Sigh.  So I bought two new cpus and mobos.  Yay!  Even better.  Turned the second one into my fileserver, which I had wanted to do for years.  Ended up finding an acceptable replacement mobo for my barton.  Got it up and running.  Once I get some more cash, I’ll be able to turn it into a tivo.  Hooray!  Other pc project I had wanted to do for years.

The rest of my life was business as usual.  Dealing with assclowns and massive wanks.  Enjoyed my new car.  Did some stuff I think.  Thats it for September.

An Update on Goose – August

November 27th, 2007

Haven’t posted about me in a while.  So its time to start playing catch up.

Started the month with a promotion at work to Supervisor.  Yay me!  Spent the first few weeks of the month learning how to do that whole supervisor thing.  Got a nice raise with it.  Yippee!

The Red Roller passed away.  May she rest in peace.  I took a bunch of pics of her before she was towed off, but they got lost.  I dunno how.  Hopefully I’ll find them some day.  I miss the ole roller.

Since I needed transportation, I went and bought a car.  My first car.  An awesome car!  It’s the 07, not the 08, but still awesome.  People ask me whats my favorite thing about it.  Features.  What features?  Doors that open and close, emergency break, power things, AC, keyless entry, cd player, a functioning heater, fantastic gas mileage.  All glorious inventions for cars I’ve never experienced before.  Ahhh poor Red Roller.  What you lacked in features was made up with your astounding ability to roll.  Anyways who would have thought you can actually afoard a car while hovering on the poverty line.  M@ssive h@xz0ring huggles to the squirrelz0rs for helping me with cars.  We will always love Irene.  She makie good deal.

Squirrel and I had planned to take some vacation time a few weeks into August, we had a bunch planned out, but we spent alot of time dealing with me getting a car.  So once we got it we went down to Columbus(Hooray Cruise Control) and spent the rest of our vacation drinking and playing Counter-Strike.  Fortunately before we left the EL we hooked up with the Mr. Vish so we got to play the CS with him.  BALLS OF STEEL!

I think thats everything of interest from August.  I’ll keep catching you up on the most important thing in the world.  Me.  Balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls……..
Balls of Steel