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Books are Filled with Words

July 22nd, 2007

The new Harry Potter book came out for all idi….masses. I’m sure they’re furiously reading their children’s book. They might not even need webster. I myself didn’t get it. Instead I went with a different children’s book.
Children’s Book

People think I should blog on my blog.

July 18th, 2007

Rom A Doubel wanted me to write something. So here it is.

I made a minor change to the site I had forgotten to fix before. Can you find it? If so I’ll give you a cookie.

I’m tired. Tired of thinking. Tired of how things go. Tired of what I’m doing. I want change. I crave it. I won’t have it though. I’m too lazy.


July 3rd, 2007

So I was bored tonight. And I felt like reading. I haven’t read anything worth reading lately. I have a book, haunted or something, but didn’t feel like reading that. So I went to “the” blog site to try and find some interesting blogs. The top 100 most popular list should be a good place to start. I got through the top 30. Fucking boring ass shit. One, was a tech/web/intertube blog. Great, maybe he has something to say. Most recent post? How to choose a good domain. I’ll paraphrase here.

  1. write the name of the domain you want on a piece of paper.
  2. Add “.com” to the end.
  3. Ask other people to choose what your domain is.

That was it. Are you fucking kidding me? Wait. Please tell me, is that a good domain?

Sigh. To bed I go. I wish I would of had a beer tonight.

Stroke 9 – Vaccum Bag

You’ll never know what happened to me
It’s just one of those things
I was sitting by myself
And my thoughts started pouring out
Remember that time on our trip
You asked me where we were going
I said Barcelona
You said that’s not what I meant
Maybe I’ll never get it
I just don’t think I’m like that
Don’t like planning stuff out
It never happens that way
I’m like a vacuum bag That holds all that old dirt
Remember that time we found your mom’s Valium and took it?
Don’t hate me, don’t regret me, don’t ever forget me
Wherever you go, whatever you do, don’t say I never loved you
That summer when we wore no shoes
And we danced on the Fourth of July
And we listened to your sister’s records
And Frampton came alive
Even then you knew what you wanted
Even then I had no clue
I was just living in the moment
And the moment was all about you
Remember that time in LA
You asked we what we were doing
I said we’re doing fine
You said here we go again
I’m like a vacuum bag
That holds all that old dirt
Remember that time we said we’d be together forever?
‘Cause it matters to me
Can you hear me?
Everyday I ask the same thing
Will you ever know what happened to me?
It happens everyday
And you wonder what went on
It’s there and then it’s gone
Maybe I’m sentimental
And I start to reminisce
And every time I do
I still want to tell you this

Why I like this song I don’t know. But I find that it fits my mood right now.