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May 19th, 2007

A new trailer is out.  I had to buy a new pair of pants.  I am really looking forward to this movie.  Fucking pumped.  I have no issue being the old non twelve year old in the theatre.

Stupid People? You decide!

May 8th, 2007

Not really.  They’re stupid.  Just read the article.  You’ll understand I promise.  I’m not saying starbucks is stupid….That isn’t who is stupid in today’s story kids.  You’re offended by something written on a paper fucking cup.  Through it the fuck away!  The guy that wrote it lives in a different fucking country, how the hell can he possibly offend you?  Grow up, stop drinking your stupid ass coffee, and then die.  The end of it, hurts the most.

Baylor University, the world’s largest Baptist school, refused to comment on the issue, said KCEN-TV in central Texas. Employees at the campus Starbucks said none of their customers had complained about the cup, but they removed it nonetheless.”

No one complained about it, and yet they still removed it?  Come on for fuck sake.  Just put a plastic bag of non offense over all our heads and lets just end it.  Something that offends you does not give you the right to complain.  It gives you the right to stop interacting with it.  Don’t like what the cup says, throw it away.  Don’t like what that shirt says, don’t look.  Don’t like what I have to say, remove my website from your favorite list.  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate people?