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Sports are for Men

March 26th, 2007

Thats right ladies. Put those vaginas away cause here comes some sports. This is some damn fine basketball. It is the ending to a game, and its impressive.


March 17th, 2007

So apparently, and I just learned this today.  So I’ll share it with you just in case you didn’t know this.  Apparently if you go to a strangers house to drink, and you see a slow cooker, cooking meat you have to turn it off without telling anyone that is what you did.  Why?  Cause you’re a fucking asshat.  So at dinner time, hungry and ready to eat, my meat isn’t done.  Insert your joke there, and lets move on so I can be pissed again.  I mean, fuck.  Fucking wankers.

New Something New

March 13th, 2007

Ok so here it is. I’m the tortoise remember? Anyways what has ole goosey goose been up to you might say? Shit. Well thats not true, but I did have a good poop earlier, and in life, it really is the small things that count.

Turned 26 last month. Got to spend it with my besterifictist friends Squirrel and Lindy. It was great to see them. But I was sick. Not good poops. See where I’m going? I’d put a picture of poop here, but I think I’ve used that joke in this post already.

Dog Poo


After that I got better. Been working, normal type stuff. Same old really. Not a whole lot I can post on. Not really doing any of that “deep” shit. Not going out a whole lot, just don’t really feel like it.

Been working on getting all my data off my main box so I can reinstall the OS. Gonna switch to linux. Hooray. Gonna get my webserver box up tomorrow night. Found a how to on how to set up a pc as a wireless router, looked promising. Should look into that as well.

Was really nice outside today. I had to drive home through campus. Fuck construction. The view was nice though. Real nice.  I mean I killed a kitten.

Saw 300 yesterday. Awesome! Visually orgasmic. The music was damn fine too. Although if you’ve seen it, you were probably too busy looking at the screen’s goodies. The boobies were nice too. Acting wasn’t too bad. And you’ve got to consider it’s a movie based off a graphic novel, based on a story about a war that happened in the before time. Although there was one problem with the movie. Did you catch that Rolex in the one scene? Me too.

Tried to get ahold of Vish. He’s a tough cookie to get ahold of. He owes me m00nz. Anyways I think thats it for this installment of “I’m bored, but SOOOOO amazingly buzy I had to post in a blog.” So fuck off all you wankers.

Something New

March 5th, 2007

So teabag aka a rom double wants me to post something new. So until then, here is a picture that made me chuckle. Then it made me cry on the inside. Then I killed a kitten and had a ham sammich. Now I feel better.

Here it is:


The pic links to the site I found it on. I guess you could say I “pirated” it. Aaargh! Damn the man for fucking fuck sake!