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A Dark Moment for our Country

May 31st, 2006

A quote from Mr. Beckerman, the lawyer from New York that has been trying to fight for the rights of the people the RIAA has been sueing. I find it interesting. The article has an exeprt from the trial, it doesn’t seem like they are inocent until proven guilty here. But then again my understanding of the law is a little weak. That’s what I keep the Super Squirrel Lawyer around for.

More Than Meets the Eye

May 30th, 2006

This is fucking badass. Finally kids these days will be able to appreciate the greatness of the original old school Transformers.

I think I actually still have all the original ones packed up in a closet somewhere. I wonder what I could get for them on ebay these days….


May 30th, 2006

So this definately has to be a topic that I am well versed in. When it comes to getting something done, I’ll do it!


This article is talking about how you can turn procrastination into a strength and be productive. I was reading it and said “That’s me!” Might be a useful or interesting read for you too….if you ever get around to it.


May 29th, 2006

It was pretty hot today. My balls sweated. Had dinner with the Baby Drew. Pizza and beer. Not many dinners better than that. Maybe a steak and bj. We also discussed the importance of getting bj’s while eating smores. We concluded it is very important.

Anyways, I’m working on something for funkyhouse, and I wanted everyone’s opinion. And by everyone, I mean everyone who comes to funkyhouse. And by everyone that comes to funkyhouse, I mean Squirrel. And by Squirrel I mean <3. Anywho, the question. I'm thinking about selling some funkyhouse tshirts. Hopefully so people will wear them, and get the word about the greatness of me out there. So, if I came up with a good looking shirt would you buy it? Post a comment and let me know. Also I should point out as a member of

the U.S. Beer Drinking Team, the new website they put up is pretty damn awesome. You should definately check it out if you are in the loving of beer like I am.

American Cops Taped Torturing Drug Suspect

May 27th, 2006

The cops hadn’t realized the tape recorder had been turned on. This is prety damn scary. And I’ll warn ya the mp3 is not for the faint of heart. More info and the mp3 of the tape can be found here.

Amazing Storm Pictures

May 27th, 2006

These are some pretty awesome pictures this storm chaser has taken, definately worth checking out.

Oblivion Domino

May 26th, 2006

So this is the game I’ve been playing lately. This guy set up one of those domino things with the map editor from the game. Pretty damn cool waste of time. Check it out here.

MP3 of the Week

May 25th, 2006

Since the site is back up it’s time to put up a new mp3 as well. Here’s the single off the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s new album Stadium Arcadium. The album is great, I can still hear Geroge Clinton in there, and that makes me smile. I can’t put this album down, so definately pick it up. Till you do here is a little something to wet your whistle.

Download Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ::: Dani California is Alive

May 25th, 2006

Thank god. After many late nights reworking the website, it is back up and functioning in all its glory. Just waiting for the DNS to trickle down. I hope you like its more “blog” look. Let me know what you think!


May 20th, 2006

Massive blerghz0rs.

So to end off a shitty week, we got even shittier. Looks like my blogs database decided to get corrupted big time. Sad thing? I had a backup from a week ago. Sadder thing? It appears to be getting corrupted when I upload it. It works fine on my development box, but no it won’t work in production. Fuck you goose!

So we’re gonna roll with static html pages. That is right kiddies! funkyhouse is back to 1995! So enjoy it while it lasts, or don’t. Fuck it. Hopefully I should have the blog back up and going well in a couple of days.