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March 31st, 2006

This has been an expensive week. At least I will get all the money back, it will just take some time for it to. Still gotta buy my glasses, have an appointment for that coming up.

The newsletter was a giant headache for me that I put out for the fraternity. Officemax made my head explode. The quick version, they’re idiots, and tried to argue computers with me. But it is done so I’m happy.

And now its time for a little God Line family night fun. Well almost. But I’m going to get ready.

I watched a news bit last night about this pr0n company who is hooking up with fraternities to video tap drunk chicks for their website. “Abuse” would be a good term. Shots of half naked girls passed out while guys are feeling them up. Girls being forced into sex on camera for fear of being hurt if they refuse. Scary shit. I’m glad my fraternity takes a harsh stance on that sort of stuff, it is definately not cool.

The guy fixed my front door today. Sorta. He didn’t think about how he was going to hold the door up while he screwed it in. Luckily I was there to show him the value of teamwork to achieve a goal. I bet he will die trying to drink bleach tonight. That makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Good Times

March 22nd, 2006

It was goose and squirrel time from wednesday through saturday. And it was good. Spending time with squirrel is always what I need. I would definately have to say he has kept me level for the past seven years. And that is probably a good thing. We drank a whole lot, and then drank some more. And the Lindsey came up Friday night, and we drank some more, and it was fantastic! But I forgot to give her present to her. A little sad. But I’m sure I will be able to give it to her at some point.

Tonight, was a fraternity event, and it was good. I had to be up at six this morning for work, so I was a little tired during it. Definately looked like the sour old man I am. And I tried to keep my mouth shut and let the kids do their thing. That is exactly what they need to do, and they did it well, and I hope the new guys learned what they should have tonight, and the brothers were able to relearn it. I see great potential starting out from them, and definately look forward to seeing it bloom.

In other news, it appears that people feel they can play the sympathy card with me. Point of information: I am an asshole, and have no soul. Playing your sympathy cards are pointless. They will always be vitoed by my asshole card. Sympathy is not something you deserve for being in a shitty situation. Sympathy is something you earn for rising above the shitty situations.

I have to work again in the morning. Kicking my ass I tell you, kicking my ass, but at least it allows me to sign my lease for next year tomorrow night. And that will lift a nice large peice of stress off the old shoulders.

Since this is a blog, I think I’m suppose to share my thoughts and my feelings. So here they are.
My Thought: I think I need a knee brace.
My Feelings: This will make my knee feel better when I DDR it up with Friday.

Rot in hell bitches!

MP3 of the Week

March 18th, 2006

Dan hath request, and goose hath delivered. A pretty damn good rock song, there aren’t any complaints coming from this guy. Check it out, I hope you enjoy!

Download Stray Cats’ ::: Stray Cat Strut :::

Fuck I’m Bored

March 17th, 2006

Working on St. Patricks can suck my left nut. Its slow tonight, been slow all day from what I hear. Which is a good thing, but its been slow since I got here at 3. I’ve surfed the web, looked at everything that seemed mildly interesting. And when it comes down to it, I really want to go home and drink.

Which I will, but the point is, that is still two hours away. BOOOO!

Happy St. Patricks Day!

March 17th, 2006

Take a few moments away from being stupid drunk today, and remember what this day is suppose to be celebrated for. And if you don’t know, google it.

Happy Birthday Twins!

March 14th, 2006

Happy birthday to my roomates, the twins. They’re going to Old Chicago, and that makes me happy because I will be able to enjoy a strongbow. Mmmmm.

Makes a happy goose.

Not Much

March 14th, 2006

Not much to write about these days. Thinking about stuff, but don’t wanna write about it yet. Maybe later. That is all I really have to say. I’ve had Butterfly by Dave Matthews Band stuck in my head for the last couple of days, I can’t get it out. I’ll share the lyrics here.

I am not a lucky man…
I am not a lucky man…
You are like a butterfly
A Catipillars dream to fly
So bust out of this old cocoon
And dry your wings off
Go ahead, and fly

Its always such a lonely loom
Its sudden like a broken bone
And your luck won’t always come along
So dry your tears away
Go ahead, and fly

Dry your tears away
Don’t you, Cry


March 10th, 2006

I got pwned! I had applied for a promotion at work but got shot down, didn’t even make it to the interview. Not too terribly surprising, there are guys that have been there longer that deserve it, but that doesn’t mean I have to feel good about it.

So I’m gonna make myself a pot roast tomorrow. It shall be warm, and meaty, and delisous, and you can’t have any. Ha!

Unless you are squirrel, then you can suck on my nuts. NUT SUCKER!

It was one of my little bro’s 21st birthdays last night. He never called me to let me know what was going on, but by chance a few brothers were at Crunchies when he showed up. So we drank and were merry. A prarie fire, and my traditional birthday shot(3 wisemen who have not partaken) with many beers later, he was extreamly drunk. And it was good. Some people might not be the happiest with him lately. But I still see the fire there, and I have to ask those that nay-say: What have you done to ignite his fire lately?

Now that I’m off the soapbox I’m gonna watch a movie. I don’t know which one, I was sorta thinking PCU, sorta thinking Office Space. I have this feeling starting to creep over me that I should watch Blues Brothers. However the roommates, or at least one of them is sleeping. And if I’m gonna watch Blues Brothers I’ve gotta have the sound up to rock out to that great movie. So maybe I’ll save that for sometime this weekend since I have it off. Gotta go, time for a Chinese Fire Drill!


March 7th, 2006


I am what you would call an idiot. I deleted your request for an MP3. I can’t remember what it is you requested. Can you request it again? I’ll put it up I promise!

Good Ole Ma Bell

March 7th, 2006

No, not that one that I use to hear the stories about. The one that ran Bells and gave out free slices of pizza to the brothers.

I saw in the media world today that AT&T is trying to merge with BellSouth. Which needless to say has me a little confused. I thought SBC had bought AT&T, did they change their name? I’m so lost. I payed twenty bucks for a book that speels it out and gives nice pictures too. And I am still fucking clueless. Obviously the FCC is as well. Do they not remember they split AT&T up 23 years ago? Doubtful. My penis could regulate communications better than the FCC.

So anyways, this has everyone up in a stink because it’s creating “Ma Bell” again and having a monopoly, except this time on your lan, cell, tv, and internet. Oh lordy lordy! Rable Rable you fuckstains. Guess what, it isn’t ma bell, cause there is still Verizon. They’ll merge with them in 2008. So hold your breath, and if you actually feel like this will impact you in a negative fashion, get off your ass and write the FCC and your congressman.

*Point of information* This will impact you in a negative fashion. Have a nice day!