Books 2019 Edition

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I’m listing off the books I read this year because I feel like it. I’ve been rolling through the Emberverse this year and look forward to finishing it this year. Definitely the longest story series I’ve ever read. I’m not sure what I’ll read when I finish the Emberverse. I’ve thought about reading some books again that I haven’t read since high school, and then thought about finding some new books to move into. Time will tell.

  1. Winners Take All – The Elite Charade of Changing the World – Anand Girdharadas
  2. Dreamland – Sam Quinones
  3. A Meeting at Corvallis – S.M. Stirling
  4. The Sunrise Lands – S.M. Stirling
  5. Southlands – D.J. Molles
  6. The Scourge of God – S.M. Stirling
  7. The Sword of the Lady – S.M. Stirling
  8. The High King of Montival – S.M. Stirling
  9. The Tears of the Sun –  S.M. Stirling
  10. The Lord of Mountains – S.M. Stirling
  11. Archangel One – Evan Currie
  12. Breaking Gods – D.J. Molles
  13. Primals – D.J. Molles
  14. The Given Sacrifice – S.M. Stirling
  15. The Golden Princess – S.M. Stirling

Tidying Up

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So I was able to get the images restored. Hooray! I even got the old theme back for the heck of it. I dunno if I’ll go looking at any new themes or not.

I’ve had the last two days off of work. Just a staycation before the holiday. I’ve done very little and it has been great, really relaxing. Been catching up on some tv shows. I finished Watchmen, which was great, I hope they do more. Been catching up on Shameless as well. Somewhere in season 9 at this point.

I was just looking over my list of books read for 2019. Since I don’t think I’ll have another one finished this year I’ll have to post the list here for funsies.


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My webhost was hacked. Thankful for my backups. Considering it took me six months to bring the site back up and online it shows what a small priority it has become. Which is a shame, I just can’t bring myself to shut it down though. This site has been around for more than half of my life. It feels like it is a part of me. Priorities shift but it is always there waiting to be seen by, well, probably no one but myself. Doesn’t matter.

Bringing this back online was good practice though. It has been a while since I’ve built a web server and got it working. I can feel some of my IT skills getting dull. Again a priority shift. I need to get the images put back into place. That’s my last task. Well trying to be more consistent with keeping the server up to date is a goal worthy of chasing. Hopefully I can make a monthly task out of it.

It’s that time of year for Christmas music. Listening to it instead of my usual fare was interesting. More relaxed. I’ve been in a musical rut lately so it’s nice to step out of it, even if it is only Christmas music.

Upgrade to Funkyhouse

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I Hacked My Webhost!

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I didn’t even mean it! That’s how good of a hacker I am. Just kidding. I did cause my host to go down and got my account all suspended like. Cause I’m a lazy jerk.


Approximately my skill level of hacking.









You see this website is quite old. Currently there are posts going back to 2005. I have some backup data stretching to 2004. There were posts from earlier that are gone, lost due to a lack of backups in the way back. There have been times when I have made very frequent posts, and other points where I have made zero posts. The most recent dry spell was from June 2012 to about June 2014. It’s an interesting time frame when you think about it. Let’s just say two years. For two years it has just sat on my webhost’s server doing nothing. No posts, no checking in on the website. WordPress updates were far and few between. I started posting again in June, and started working on getting everything updated, included the site’s theme. The going was slow, maybe only a few minutes every couple of weeks.

Well one of the plug-ins I had installed had become very out of date during that time. WAY out of date. In fact I think the publisher stopped maintaining it before my last hiatus. Someone took advantage of this hole and crashed the webserver causing my host to suspend my account. Not at all what I had intended to happen. Shame on me for falling behind.

This is a valuable lesson for myself and anyone else out there running a WordPress website. Patch Patch Patch! As frequently as you can. Did that plug-in stop being maintained? Ask yourself if you need it. If you do look for an alternative that is being maintained. Migrate to it immediately. WordPress has gone way out of their way to make patching an incredibly easy process now. Most important of all don’t forget to backup!

Thankfully I was able to work with my host and we got rid of that nasty old plug-in and now everything is honky dory. I’ve done my best to speed things up for refreshing the site. Hopefully I’ll have that ready to go here soon.

Starve a Vampire. Donate Blood.

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I don’t know what The Vampire Diaries are. Judging by the photo it looks like a cheap knock off of True Blood, probably sprinkled with some sparkly vampire ala Twilight. So nothing worth watching. Anyways it’s a catchy catch phrase and includes a young attractive woman in a seductive but obviously uncomfortable position. So I’m for it. Bad goose! Bad!

The Red Cross sent me an email and told me they sent my blood to Licking Memorial Hospital. That makes me feel warm and fuzzy since that is where I was taken for my concussion a few years ago. Even though I did not require blood that day it makes me feel like I’m paying it forward. Which is a warm and fuzzy feeling. This is a cheap and shameless plug for donating. Go do it and feel good! They even have a cool app for your iPhone! How can you say no to iPhone app!



As you can see it’s pretty slick so go download it for free! I’ll be going back sometime soon, once the trauma of needles has worn off. That one pint up there is so lonely it must get some friends to hang out with.

Out of the Black Odyssey One

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This is the fourth book in the series and seems like it is the last. This is sad and quizzical at the same time.




















Out of the Black Odyssey One by Evan Currie continues the adventures of the Odyssey crew and their galactic war against a relentless army bred for destruction and their enigmatic controllers…..who we don’t hear from. This would be OK since this book covers a pivotal battle for the survival of a planet. The book is non stop action and does well to set this hectic pace and make you experience the fatigue the soldiers do. We’ll learn more about the enemy behind the enemy, the history of the allies and tie everything together nicely in the next book. Except I don’t believe there is going to be a next book. This one seemed dues ex machina to completion. Which is really sad because Currie did an excellent job of bringing these characters to life. He did an excellent job writing in a specific sci-fi genre of space battles.

If you check the Amazon reviews you see a lot of negative reviews. “Half the fighting is on the ground!” I get it you were pulled in by the space battles, I was too. But how did you miss the over arching story? Or do you just not care? It’s fantastic! It just ends too soon. What about the planetary AIs? What about the enemy controlling the Drasin? Where the heck did the allies come from? Write these things down and put them in a fifth book please!

It Happened on the Way to War

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Amazon had this book on one of it’s daily deal sales and the blending of war and philanthropy sounded interesting.


It Happened on the Way to War by Rye Barcot shares the story of the author growing up. He gains from mother a desire to help others through philanthropy at a young age. He gains the desire to help others through the military from his father. Rye joins the marines while in college and balances both with starting his own non-profit organization. Since we’re all this dedicated and motivated at 18 the book can come across as preachy at times. Speaking of preachy it is obvious that Rye would make one hell of a preacher, the undertones are present through the entire book. It isn’t a complaint, instead more of a warning. This is a book about Rye’s life and experiences and can give some good perspective towards your own. Rye often struggles with juggling all the different parts of his life and finding a healthy balance between them. Showing how difficult it can be and how much work it can require is typically missing from an autobiography. Rye has no problem showing you his flaws.

Ground Zero

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Amazon recommended this book to me. I didn’t think much as I read the description. But then I looked at the cover of Ground Zero: A Zombie Apocalypse by Nicholas Ryan and quote caught my eye:













Hey! That D.J. Molles guy is the one that wrote that book I love. If he likes this guys book then I will give him my monies to read it to. D.J. was right. This is a great book! Unlike The Remaining series this features an average joe. A guy that you can easily relate to. Someone that has zero skills for the zombiepocalypse just like you. All of the characters and situations you would expect are here in the book but Nicholas does a great job of bringing the characters to life and makes you invest in them and their future. He leaves the world open at the end of the book which I felt was odd at the time when I read this because I thought it was a standalone book. As I’m sitting down to write this though there are two more books, the third gets released tomorrow! Some of these Amazon authors are really stepping up their games and I am all for giving them my money! If you enjoy the genre you will enjoy Nicholas’ work.

9/11 – A Present

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Yesterday would have been my grandfather’s 94th birthday. It’s weird to think about that, let alone write it out. I miss him a great deal.  While everyone else was thinking and talking about the 2001 tragedy I was thinking of him. It may be selfish of me but that’s life. I decided to give my grandfather a birthday present I know he would have loved:


Here I am donating blood at the Red Cross.

Here I am donating blood at the Red Cross.


My grandfather donated 35 gallons of blood to the Red Cross. Why is it such a big deal for me to donate? Truth be told I am deathly afraid of that thing the nurses have so kindly covered up in the photo above. That thing that makes me squeamish to even watch in a movie. Every time. The most horrible thing that has ever existed. A needle. I avoid them at all costs. Even writing about them nauseates.

I’ll also let you in on a second secret: I tend to go down like a giant, bald sack of potatoes whenever any blood is drawn from me. Even the small vials the doctor’s offices take for testing will knock me down for a ridiculous amount of time. No idea why, but this has been going on since my teenage years. Needless to say after about one minute of drawing blood last night I stammered out the words “I feel dizzy and not good.” The nurse agreed that I did not look well. It then took three staff members the entire twenty minute allotment to get my entire pint out. It then took me close to two hours to get back on my feet. They tried their best to reassure me that this is normal for noobie blood givers. Won’t they be in for a surprise when I reprise my role next time?

Eight of those visits to equal a gallon. It really puts in to perspective my grandfather’s commitment. I can’t promise that I’ll be able to match his effort, but I think I can promise to honor his birthday each year going forward.